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KWY136Z-1X27 Binocular night vision,night vision


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KWY136Z-1X27 Binocular night vision,night vision   KWY136Z-1X27    
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Technical characteristics
Cixin night-vision goggles is a binocular binocular goggles, could also wearing 
Like enhancer: can be equipped with 2, 2 +, quasi three generation, European five generations of black and white tube and various levels
Anti electromagnetic wave lens coating coating
Built-in double infrared lighting device and separated
Have strong protection and automatic brightness control function
Seismic design of waterproof, suitable for all kinds of environment

Technical Parameters:

Technical parameters
Image intensifier tubes:  2, 2 +, quasi three generation, Europe five generations of black  
                       and white tube
Magnification:               1 times (can meet 3 times)
Resolution:                 45-72lp/mm
View:                      40 degrees (double)
Diopter adjustment range:    - 6 to + 2 °
Recent observation distance:  25 mm         
Focusing on adjusting range:  0.25 meters to infinity
Working temperature:        - 40 to + 50 ℃   
Storage temperature:        - 50 to + 70 ℃   
Power supply:               Section 1 3 v lithium battery
Waterproof:                 20 meters waterproof for 1 hour
Length:                     120 mm
Weight:                     530 g

Optional accessories
Infrared light
Helmet stents
Wearing a stent