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KWY150R-1x25 Super Second Generation Night Vision Instrument,Night Vision


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KWY150R-1x25 Super Second Generation Night Vision Instrument,Night Vision   KWY150R-1x25    
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product description:

Product Description :

Product Description :

The product is a portable multi-purpose night vision.With small size,light weight,high resolution advantages,replacement lens can change the magnification,with a fold,3-fold,4-fold and5-fold magnification lens to choose from the two, but also according to user requirements with other focal digital cameras,camcorders and CCD cameras can also be used alone.The anti-glare and night vision enables dimming function with Russia over two or three generations of top image intensifier,with a built-in red light.

Product Features
1、high magnification
2、Remote viewing
3、advanced optical system
4、High resolution
5、exquisite and durable material
6、Built-in infrared illuminator assist
7、reliable and easy maneuverability
8、1 year warranty and lifetime maintenance

Technical Parameters:

Technical parameters:
Image intensifier grade                                            SUPER 2  
Magnification (x)                                                             1x/4x
Field of view (degrees)                                                 40/13
Eyepiece diopter adjustment range (diopter)          +5 / -5
Lens adjustment range (m)                                      0.25 ~ ∞
Dimensions (mm)                                         115X42X62  184X60X78    
Weight (grams)                                                            300/550
Supply voltage (V)                                                          2.8 ± 8
Battery Type                                                 a 3-volt lithium battery (CR123)
Continuous working time (hours)      80 (infrared auxiliary light source close)
                                                                       40 (infrared assist light turned on)
Storage temperature range                                         -50 / +70
Operating temperature range (℃)                              -40 / +40
25 ℃ relative humidity of                                                    98%
Like super pipe                                                                  grade II
Cathode type                                                                    18mmS-25
Cathode sensitivity                                                              ≥ 600
Resolution, lp / mm                                                            57-64 
Gain fl / fcd                                                                     19000-30000
Noise ratio                                                                            18-20
Sensitivity values                                                                 ≥ 1250
Like tube life,                                                                     10000 hours