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KWY105Z-1x24 Binocular Monocular Night Vision Apparatus,Night Vision


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KWY105Z-1x24 Binocular Monocular Night Vision Apparatus,Night Vision   KWY105Z-1x24    
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product description:

Compact, light weight and durable design
Hand-free use for head or helmet mounting
All Optical Glass Lens Treated by Multilayer Filming
Comfortable, flip-over design
Wide-angle infrared supplementary lamp
Automatic brightness control
Strong light protection function
One CR123 or AA battery can be operated.
Waterproof and fog-proof design
One-year warranty

Technical Parameters:

Technical parameters:
Product Level : Gen2+ SDI  45-51 lp / m
Magnification : 1X standard; 3X, 5X, 8X optional
Lens System :    24mm F1.2
Field of View Angle :   40°
Focus :          0.25 to infinity
Diopter Control : -5〜+5
Operation mode :    Manual operation
Automatic brightness control : Yes
Strong Light Protection : Yes
Automatic shutdown system : Yes
Infrared lamp : Yes (built-in)
IR Indicator : Yes(FOV)
Battery Low Volume Indicator : Yes (FOV)
(1) Power supply 3V lithium battery, or (1) AA alkaline battery
Protection grade : waterproof and fog proof
Working temperature : - 40 to + 50 degree C
Shape size : 150x102x70mm
Weight : 0.45 kg

Optional accessories:

3X lens          5X lens            8X lens 

 Original moisture-proof box                  Helmet mount

Infrared supplementary lamp

 High Power Wide-Angle Infrared Light Supplementary Lamp