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Telescope lens mildew how to do?

  Moldy lens is mainly caused by damp lens, so make the lens moldy, pay attention to the following maintenance methods.
  1  before storage, to the lens for cleaning, wipe attached to the lens tube and lens fingerprints, dirt and so on.
  2  The lens to be stored in a dry place, put some desiccant in the storage container, and sealed for preservation.
  3  often check on weekdays desiccant moisture discoloration. Such as discoloration, it should be promptly dried or replaced.
  4  often in the fine weather during the day, put the lens out of the ventilation.
  5  Avoid plastic bags sealed or set in the leather bag into the storage, to be packed in a dry container for storage, the lens and the body to be stored separately.
  After the mold how to do?
  After moldy, avoid casual dismissal and cleaning casually. We should carefully observe the mold class size, shape, quantity and distribution, depending on the circumstances take different measures. In the case of a small amount of spot mildew, it will not affect the overall imaging effect, but can not be cleaned temporarily. If it is necessary to clean, you can go to the manufacturer's professional service point to remove mildew.