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What kind of travel telescope should choose those models

Basically, all the brands have this kind of telescope suitable for tourism size and weight, but not suitable for every brand. There are actually not many telescopes suitable for traveling.

1. Ultra-light weight mini telescope

The weight of such telescopes are generally less than 250 grams, diameter 20-25MM, have adopted the roof structure. Body can be completely folded.

The length of the fuselage is about 120mm and the width is 110mm. After folding, the width can be about 70mm. This is a very common mini portable telescope, magnification generally 8-10 times.

This ultra-small telescope biggest problem:

1. Most of the field of view is very small, there is a feeling through the patio to see the world.

2. Because 20-25MM caliber, so the caliber is very small, you must request the telescope lens and coating quality.


From the definition and vision of the following two can meet the requirements, the other such as Nikon 10N25 reading, poor clarity, vision is too small, can not meet the requirements

In fact, including the following two top small telescopes, as used for tourism purposes, the view is too small. 1000 meters at no more than 100 meters field of vision.


<1>. Swarovski POCKET 10X25

Top brands, workmanship is very fine, relative to most of the 10X25 telescope, this field of vision has been considered very good, small size, light weight. Price is not cheap, more than 5,000 yuan. Imaging is also relatively clear, brightness is also OK. Focus button a little small.
Austrian Swarovski Pocket Binoculars 10 * 25B Binoculars Pocket Series 10 * 25B


<2> Carl Zeiss victory 10X25

This is also the top brands, work worse than Shihua, Shihua almost vision, clarity is also about the price of 5,000 yuan. The problem is that the focus button is too small.


In short, this 10X25 telescope is not suitable for travel purposes.
Germany Zeiss ZEISS Victory goddess of victory 10x25 BT * telescope super fine portable distinguished taste / unique adjustable music



<3>. Dr. can trophy 8X32

This is a very suitable for the use of high-definition telescope tourism, the world's largest tourist telescope sales, using 8 times magnification, 32MM caliber, the volume of only one palm, weight 420 grams.

Although this telescope is slightly heavier than the 10X25, this telescope has a field of view of 132 meters, exceeding the field of view of an ordinary large-caliber 50MM. It can be said that this versatile telescope.

PC-3 HD coating, the price of 2,500 yuan, clarity than the above Zeiss and Shihua 5,000 yuan a little mirror will be slightly better. It can be said that the price is high. So this is one of the most suitable telescope for tourism.
US Dr BUSHNELL Telescope Trophy Series TROPHY 8x32 Nitrogen Waterproof Ultra HD Portable - Trophy 8X32 Mini Pocket, HD


<4> Doctor can elite 7X26

This telescope is only 8cm long and is the shortest mini telescope with a weight of 320 grams. Is a special ultra-high-definition travel telescope. 7 times magnification, 26CM caliber, vision range 128 meters, very small. In the world, this telescope is the highest definition, much higher than the sharpness and brightness of the above three telescopes, according to my years of research on the mini telescope, the market does not have a mini telescope clarity to this comparison. Absolutely top. If you want to spend 5,000 yuan to buy a travel binoculars, this is undoubtedly the best choice.
Doctor to Elite Series Ultra HD Mini Telescope Elite 7X26 ED HD Lens - World Class Ultra HD Mini Telescope Length Only 8.5CM