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Travel telescope should choose what size it

  Telescopes have two important indicators, one is the magnification, one is the caliber.
  Do not pursue the magnification
  At magnification, tourism telescope rather selected small, do not choose a large rate. The reason is that the larger the magnification of the telescope, the easier it is to shake. In theory, a multiple of more than 10 times, you should use a tripod. Another point, such as 7 times, 8 times, 10 times the telescope, from the distance to see the goal, the basic feeling about the size.
  Most people have a misunderstanding, the greater the multiple, see farther. In fact, the telescope can see far, the most important depends on the clarity of the telescope. Magnification again, clarity is not, nor.
  All travel telescopes, it is recommended to choose 7-10 times this range, the best choice of 7-8 times. Easier to control.
  2. Caliber recommendations 25-32MM
  Just said, the larger the caliber, the larger the telescope's volume weight. However, in the same way, the telescope has a large caliber, and in theory, for the same type of telescope of the same brand, the definition will be higher and the brightness will be brighter. But not absolute.
  3. Weight recommendations choose the following 450 grams
  About the weight of the telescope below, take the first weight, you basically do not feel it is more heavy.
  4. Volume recommended to choose the following size palm
  Such a volume in your hand is appropriate
  5. In their own able to accept the size and size of the situation, be sure to choose the most vision
  In the choice of vision, we must pay attention to different styles of telescopes, even the same caliber, the same rate, its vision is very different. Vision manufacturers have nominal, but only for reference. Factory data generally refers to the field of view 1000 meters width, as a small mini telescope, if the field of vision can reach 120 meters, very good. If you can reach 130 meters, that is super good. Because of this 120 meters index many telescopes such as 50MM telescopes are not up to.