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  1, on the multiple: 7-12 times for the best, do not covet the high power. Many people think that the higher the optical multiple the better, in fact, a reasonable multiples of a telescope with the telescope aperture and observation-related, that is, large caliber, multiples can be appropriate higher; fixed observation with a tripod, you can More than hand-held observations. If you buy handheld observation binoculars brand products, 7 to 10 times between enough, preferably not more than 12 times. Otherwise, the higher the multiple, the smaller the observation field of view, the darker the observation effect but decreased, especially the jitter caused by high magnification also greatly increased, so that the observed scenery can not be stabilized. Most countries in the world, such as China, the United States and Russia, also have 6 to 10 times as many telescopes as their equipment armys. This is because a clear and stable imaging is the most important.
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  2, on the caliber: the larger caliber, the observed field of view, the greater the brightness, is conducive to the observation under dim light. However, the larger the caliber, the greater the volume, generally in accordance with the need to choose between 30 ~ 50 mm.
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  3, on the field of view: the larger the field of view, the broader the scope of observation, the more spacious and more comfortable, regular military telescopes generally adopt wide-angle large field of view design. For binoculars, the same magnification, the greater the field of view to see the more comfortable, wide-angle large field of view telescope will give a broad sense of comfort, relaxed and happy, according to the wheat field experience, it is generally recommended that you buy 110M / Telescope with 1000M or more field of view.
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  4, on the coating: the role of the lens coating is to reduce the reflection, so that the light transmission rate increase, increase the observed brightness, coating color according to the optical materials and design, the lighter the coating, the smaller the better reflection. In recent years, various red and green film telescopes with strong reflective and twinkling colors appeared around the market, attracting consumers. In fact, this poor reflection of the inferior film loses a lot of light, making the color colder and darker and the sharpness declining Even worse, some people actually called this poor quality red film telescope can dark night vision of the "infrared night vision telescope," to deceive consumers, in fact, the real infrared night vision and night vision goggles are photoelectric Tube imaging, completely different from telescopes, can not be used during the day, is expensive, and requires power to work.