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KWM182R-4.4x70 Ultra-second Generation Night Vision


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KWM182R-4.4x70 Ultra-second Generation Night Vision   KWM182R-4.4x70    
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product description:


The kwm182r-4.4 × 70 features a high-performance image enhancement tube Generation 2+ or Euro Generation 3, and the power supply has built-in bright flash protection (timed automatic brightness increase), which greatly improves viewing clarity and extends your distance to 250-350 meters. In addition, the scope also has an anti-glare function, that is, when aiming at a sudden bright light, it can automatically turn off. And with infrared equipment for brightness compensation, suitable for the international standard guideway, can be used for G3 7.62mm and G2 5.8mm sniper profile, installation of guideway system.

Application program:

+ Night surveillance/hunting

+ Patrol/rescue/search


+ 4.4 times magnification

+ 2nd generation + IIT

+ Shock-proof even with a lot of recoil (including. 375 h&h cal.)

+ Special high transmittance optics

+ Prolonged eye relief

+ Precise tactical wind/elevation adjustment (1/4 MOA)

+ Wide range of mounts

+ Waterproof/water resistant

+ Extremely light weight

+ Can be installed in G2,G3 and ak-47 etc

+ Meets US standard FOM<1250

Technical Parameters:

Performance attributes

Image intensifier tubeGen 2+
Signal to noise16-18
Field of view12&deg;
Objective lens diameter,mm70
Range of focus:m10(m)-&infin;
Exit pupil diameter5
Eye relief,mm46
Diopter adjustment+3/-4
Power supply ,v3
Battery type,1x CR123
Battery life,h60
Detection range,m350
Operation temperature,℃-45 to 50
Storage temperature,℃-45 to 65
Overall length, mm278x83x70
Relative humity at 25℃ 98%