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KWY55R-1x30/3X44/5x50 1+ LLL Night Vision,Selling Night Vision

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KWY55R-1x30/3X44/5x50 1+ LLL Night Vision,Selling Night Vision   KWY55R-1x30/3X44/5x50    
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product description:

KWY55R-1x30/3X44/5x50 High Definition Night Vision is a compact hand-held LLL Night Vision. Its different magnification, advanced optical system and bright imaging high-performance generation plus low-light-level tube will bring you a clear and sharp observation effect. Built-in a long-distance infrared laser illuminator, to ensure that you can also observe clearly in the all-black environment. At the same time, it has a safe anti-glare function, no glare, and will not let the darkness affect your observation. KWY55R-1x30/3X44/5x50 Night Vision Apparatus has a wide range of applications, such as hunting in low light, mountain climbing, fishing, camping, boating, observation and other outdoor activities. It is also suitable for forest fire prevention, night patrol of public security, customs, border defense, smuggling, anti-drug, security guard, investigation and evidence collection. It is an ideal equipment for police departments, armed police forces, special police forces and guardian patrols.
1、High magnification
2、Long range viewing
3、Fully multi-coated optics
4、Superior resolution
5、Durable rubber armor
6、Built-in infrared illuminator
7、Reliable and easy to use
8.、One year warranty, lifetime maintenance
9、Auto strong light shut off system

Technical Parameters:

Main performance indicators:
Magnification,x 1 3                                 5
Objective diameter,mm 30 44                                                            50
Lens system 30mmF/1.1 50mmF/1.2                     80mmF/1.7
Visual distance,m 25/60 19/63                             16/52
Field of View Angle,° 30 18                                12.5
Focus range,m 1.0 to infinity 1.5 to infinity                       1.0 to infinity 
An exit pupil diameter,mm 6  
An exit pupil distance,mm 15  
Eyepiece diopter,dptr +4,-4                              
Working voltage,v        One 3V lithium battery (RG-55)  
Continuous working time, open infrared,hour                      20                        
Continuous working time, do not open infrared,hour                      60                                   
The whole machine size,mm 140X81X61 183×81×61                      203×81×61
weight,g 320 530                                    613  
Observe the distance,m 150/100  200/150                        220/175
Infrared power,mw 25≤  
Infrared wavelengths,um 850  
Infrared effective range,m 25  
Waterproof level IPX4  
Working humidity,% 93  
Working temperature,℃ -30°to+45°  
Storage temperature, ℃ 0°to+60°