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KWY158-1x24 Night Vision,Helmet Night Vision

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KWY158-1x24 Night Vision,Helmet Night Vision   KWY158-1x24    
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product description:

Product introduction:
KWY158-1X24 super second generation monocular helmet goggles is made of super generation 2 image intensifier, night resolution up to 57-72 lp/mm, small, light weight, can be installed on the helmet support, for night combat and observation, all black environment through infrared light also can be used normally.
Airframe adopt metal and special plastic manufacturing, moistureproof design, excellent weathering resistance can be used in harsh environments, waterproof properties is good, can be used for covert surveillance and surface activity, recent observation distance of up to 120 mm, can be effectively map reading, night equipment maintenance, etc.
It can be used as a single telescope for three times, five times and eight times.
It can be connected to the red point sight, which makes up night vision sight and improves night shooting.
Product features:
Small size, light weight.
Excellent waterproof performance, suitable for all kinds of harsh environment.
The super 2 generation image intensifier was adopted and the night resolution was high.
Detachable lens cover, easy to use in strong light environment.
Can be equipped with 3 times, 5 times and 8 times lens, enhance the visual field effect.
Soft rubber eye patch.
Infrared fill light can effectively improve the observation effect.
Anti-glare protection
Can be fitted with head or helmet bracket.
When wearing a bracket, the night vision device can be moved between the eyes or horizontally.
The guide can be mounted on the gun.
Moistureproof design
Operating temperature range from 55 ℃ to 40 ℃ to +, used in low temperature environment have restrictions on the battery type
 Night vision effect:

Standard configuration:
1. Kwy158-1x24 super second generation monocular helmet night vision.
2. Wearing
3. Connection bracket
4. Battery one (rechargeable lithium battery 3.7 volt CR123)
Handle, 3 times lens, 5 times lens, 8 times lens, helmet, pooper.
Operation method:
1. Put the battery into the battery box in the correct direction and put the battery cover in place.
2. Press the power switch for 2 to 3 seconds continuously, the power will be opened and the product will start to work.
3. Please open the lens cover at night. If the target light is very weak, you can turn on the infrared auxiliary lighting switch and rotate the condenser tube to adjust the exposure range of the infrared lamp.
4. Rotate the eyepiece to achieve the best effect of the image, and to see the target of different distances can rotate the objective hand wheel.
5. Please hold the power switch and press the power switch for 2 to 3 seconds when the power is turned off.
1. It is strictly forbidden to use under strong light.
2. Please remove the battery when not in use to extend the battery life.
3. Night vision devices should be stored in dry baths and ventilated environments, where sunlight is not directly exposed.
4. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the instrument.
5. Avoid collision and violent vibration when using the instrument.
6. Please try to clean the lens with a soft cloth when the mirror has a gray tip or stolen property.
7. The equipment used in the cold environment should not be used immediately in the warm environment. It should be closed for 3 hours before being used to ensure the normal operation of the circuit control system.

Technical Parameters:

The technical parameters of kwy158-1x24 monocular helmet night vision.
Image intensifier level.                          Generation 2         Super generation 2
magnification(times):                                        1x                          1x 
The diameter of the pupil(mm):                            24                           24
An exit pupil distance(mm):                                20       20
An exit pupil diameter(mm):                                     7                              7
Viewing Angle(°):                                                   42                           42
Observe the distance( M ):                                          600                     800
Identify the distance( M ):                                         300                      400
Focusing range(MM):                                                  250-∞                  250-∞
The resolution of the( lp/mm ):                                    45-55                   57-72
gain( cd/m2/lx ) :                                                              8000                    10000
Signal to noise:                                                                  23                          24
Image intensifier life.(hours):                                   10000                   10000
Range of vision adjustment(Diopter):                       +5/-5                      +5/-5
Built-in infrared illuminator:                                    940NM(或850NM)         940NM(或850nm)
Anti-glare protection function:                                              yes                                  yes
Power source type:                                                      A 3.7 volt lithium battery.(CR123)
The power supply voltage(V):                                           3.7±0.8               3.7±0.8
Continuous working time(H):                                 80 hours (infrared light source close)
                                                                                           40 hours (outside auxiliary light source) 
Operating temperature range(℃):                                      -40/+55                 -40/+55
25 ℃ relative humidity:                                                                   98%                          98%
Installation dimensions(MM):                                            120x50x71                120x50X71
The weight of the(G):                                                                  290                           290