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KWY106Z-1x23 Military monocular helmet night vision

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KWY106Z-1x23 Military monocular helmet night vision   KWY106Z-1x23    
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The night vision instrument is used for reconnaissance and observation under natural conditions at night. It can also be used normally in all-black environment through infrared light supplement lamp.
The fuselage is made of metal and plastic dampproof, which can be used for covert surveillance and ground activities, night map reading, equipment maintenance, etc.
It can be connected with one or three times single telescope to improve the observation effect.
Built-in infrared sighting device to improve the hit rate.
It can be equipped with 2 + or 3 generation image intensifier tubes.
Removable objective shield for easy use in strong light environment
It can be equipped with 3 and 5 times lenses to enhance the field of view.
Soft rubber eye mask
Infrared complementary lamp indicator
Low Volume Display
Head mounted bracket or helmet mounted
When wearing brackets, night vision devices can move from eye to eye or flip horizontally.
It can be mounted on guns through Piccatini guides.
Moisture-proof design
Operating temperature ranges from - 50 C to + 50 C. The use of batteries in low temperature environments is limited.

Technical Parameters:

Technical parameters:
Amplification : 1x
Perspective : 40 degrees
Resolution : 54 lp/mm
Adjustment range of diopter : +4 degree
Voltage : 1.5 V
Battery Type : AA Battery
Eyepiece diameter : 27 mm
Objects : f/1.25
Focus range : 0.25- M
Detection Range (2+/3 Generation Picture Enhancer) : 180/250 M
Minimum illumination conditions (2+/3 generation image intensifier) :
0.003-0.0005 lux/0.0003-0.00005 Lux
Size : 150 60 52 mm
Weight : 0.27 kg